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Forever® Rose Fully Dipped in 24K Rose Gold

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Forever® Rose Rose Gold Long Stemmed Rose

Real Rose Fully Dipped in 24K Rose Gold

11" - 12" in length

Vases and Display Stands also available in Crystal, Glass and Acrylic

One of the most beautiful and rare gifts that we offer!  Beautiful, real, long stemmed Forever® Roses fully dipped in real 24K rose gold, then dipped in lacquer to preserve their beauty. Each rose is carefully hand selected for it's color and beauty. Roses that have special coloring (aurora neon, rainbow, sparkle) or patterns (zebra, leopard, stars and stripe) are each hand painted.  Each rose is truly a unique work of art that is sure to become a treasured keepsake. 

Measuring between 11" and 12" , each rose comes with a beautiful box that is perfect to preserve and display your beautiful rose.  Or purchase one of our many vases or acrylic flower stands to complete the look.  These roses are stunning in person.  

*A note about quality.  Many companies sell lacquered and hand dipped roses for less.  Many of these roses are inferior in quality.  Our roses are top quality, hand selected for their beauty, carefully painted and trimmed by hand, and dipped in lacquer to preserve their beauty.  This painstaking process takes over 1 month to complete.  Our roses are guaranteed to be real roses, not imitations.  And our quality is unsurpassed.  #RFJQGGM10615

Forever® Roses make an exceptional gift for any loved one.  Start a collection today! 

Simply an exquisite item that showcases nature's own beauty.  

Choose from 6 Display Stands and Vases to complete your order including:

Acrylic Single Rose Display Stand - $14.95

Acrylic 6 Rose Display Stand - $39.95

Brianne Ornate Crystal Vase - Small holds 1-3 Roses - $19.95

Abigial Ornate Crystal Vase - Large holds 3-6 Roses - $39.95

Badash Crystal Crescendo Oblong Vase - holds 1-2 Roses - $129.95

Badash Crystal Large Ashton Square Vase - holds 3-6 Roses - $165.00

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