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Forever® Rose 24K Gold Trimmed Long Stemmed Rose

  • $ 109.95
  • Save $ 30

Premium Forever® Lacquered Roses

Trimmed in 24K Yellow Gold or Platinum

Many Colors and Styles to Choose From

Looking for the perfect gift for true love?  Then look no further than the stunning Forever® Rose!  Trimmed in 24K Gold, each stunning Long Stemmed Rose is beautiful and unique.  Each rose is hand picked for it's beauty, hand painted in 24K Gold then dipped in lacquer to help preserve the beauty for years to come.  This painstaking process results in a magnificent gift that will inspire your true love each and every day.  

Each rose comes in a special gold box that is perfect for gift giving and displaying your beautiful rose.  Or purchase one of our gorgeous glass or crystal vases to display your roses.  Many styles available.  (We also sell fully dipped roses in 24K Rose, White and Yellow Gold as well as Platinum Edged Roses).  

Roses are available in many solid colors including the traditional colors of Burgundy, Red, Orange, Pink, Magenta, Black, Navy, Lavender, White, Cream and Yellow. 

We also offer specialty roses in a vast array of colors and styles including: Red and White "Frozen" Rose

  • Red and Yellow Tequila Sunrise Rose
  • Pink and White or Lavender and White Cupcake Rose
  • Light Blue and White Cotton Candy Rose
  • Red and White Striped Peppermint Rose
  • Red and White Abracadabra Rose
  • Red, White and Blue Stars and Stripes Rose
  • Cheetah and Zebra Prints in either Pink or Beige
  • Rainbow Rose
  • Aurora Neon Rainbow Rose
  • Pastel Opal Multi Colored Rose

So many gorgeous styles and colors to choose from!  New styles and colors are being added as well.  Start a collection today.

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