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Scout Silicone 8.7mm Domed Wedding Bands

  • $ 14.95

Scout 8.7mm Domed Silicone Wedding Band

for Men and Women

10 Colors to Choose From - Jet Black, Grey Camo, Green Camo, Graphite, Mist, Silver Metallic, Indigo, Bronze Metallic, Pink Metallic and Chalk White

Our Scout Silicone Rubber Wedding Bands are of the finest quality and made from the best materials.  Offered in a variety of styles, sizes and colors, they are perfect for people who work with their hands, have a profession that might make it dangerous to wear a conventional metal wedding ring or those who enjoy outdoor sporting activities.  The 8.7mm size converts to .34" wide.  Other sizes available.

Benefits Include

 Medical Grade Silicone Rubber  Hypoallergenic, non-carcinogenic and chemically inert.

• Non- Conductive  Electrical resistance measures infinity on an ohmmeter, high dielectric strength eliminating shock and burning during electrical contact.

• Designed to Break Away under High Pressure  Tensile strength measures 608 Psi average with breaking point at an average of 19.65 lbs of force. Elongates approximately 180% - 476% at break.

• Adjusts to Swelling in Hands  Due to medical conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis or changes in altitude.

• Extremely Comfortable  Perfect for all of your favorite outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming and more. 

 Variety of Colors and Styles Available  Match your outfit, wear your favorite team colors or stack them for your own unique look.

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