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Limited Edition Damascus Steel Folding Knife KN3215

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Limited Edition Damascus Steel Exotic Woolly Mammoth Tusk Fossil Ivory Folding Knife

includes Hand Carved Wooden Display Box

The perfect gift for your hunter, fisherman, outdoorsman (or woman) or avid collector, this exotic, Limited Edition Damascus Knife is one of the top Luxury Knives on the market. Rare and beautiful, this knife features woolly mammoth tusk fossil ivory handle, silver engraved accents, 6.25" knife length, 256 layer engraved Damascus steel blade, and black knife sheath. The hand carved wooden collector's box features outstanding carvings on all the lid and four sides, velvet lined interior, a plate with the inscription "Woolly Mammoth Ivory Damascus Knife", Limited Edition and the number of the item in the collection (example 81 of 83). Fully locking. This is a legacy piece designed to be handed down for generations.  Lowest sequential number will be shipped.

Unlike elephant tusk ivory, mammoth tusk is fossilized ivory from extinct woolly mammoths. KN3215.

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