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St. Joseph Medal in 18K Yellow Gold 2 Sizes

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Round St. Joseph Medal

2 Sizes Available - 17 x 12mm or 33 x 25mm

in 18K Yellow Gold

Nothing matches the luster of 18K gold.  This beautiful St Joseph medal features a unique design and is available in 2 sizes - 17 x 12mm and 33 x 25mm including the bail.  Each medal has a nice weight to it as well.  Plain back.  RFJSTR16932.

Pairs well with chains up to 2mm.  Find our Chain Collection here:


St. Joseph is the greatest saint in Heaven besides Mary, Mother of Jesus.  God trusted his two most cherished people to St. Joseph, Mary and Jesus.   Joseph, as the husband of Mary and Father of Jesus here on earth, was a caring and trusting man.  He married Mary, who was with child, even before he knew that the child she carried would be the son of God.  He knew that she would likely be stoned to death if the townspeople found out that she was with child before she and Joseph married.  So he married her to protect her.   

God sent an angel to tell Joseph in a dream that the baby Mary was carrying was conceived immaculately and that the child was the Son of God and would lead the people of the church some day.  God sent the angel to Joseph a second time when Jesus was a baby,  to warn Joseph that he and his family were in grave danger.  Joseph immediately, and without questioning or hesitation, took his family and fled to Egypt, leaving behind their home and most of their possessions.  He kept his young family in Egypt until the Angel returned to him again to let him know that is was safe to go back.  Upon leaving Egypt, he took his family to the obscure town of Nazareth to keep them safe.     

Joseph was a man of great faith.  He trusted in God and his faith.

In modern times, St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the Universal Church, Fathers, Families, Tradesmen, Craftsmen, The Dying, Adoption and Teenage Pregnancy.  St. Joseph is also the patron Saint against hesitations and doubts.  St. Joseph is regarded as a man of both Patience and Perseverance. 

Specifications for the 17 x 12mm Medal

Weight: 1.52 grams
Design Element: Patron Saint
Outside Diameter: 12 mm
Approx. Length: 17 mm
Approx. Width: 12 mm
Pendant Bail Type: Tapered
Medals Size: 12 mm
Pendant Dimensions: 12 x 12mm
Chain Passage Dimensions: 5x3 mm


Specifications for the 33 x 25mm Medal

Weight: 7.09 grams
Design Element: Patron Saint
Outside Diameter: 25 mm
Approx. Length: 33 mm
Approx. Width: 25 mm
Pendant Bail Type: Tapered
Medals Size: 25 x 25mm
Chain Passage Dimensions: 5x4 mm

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